Rubber Tube for Air Shaft

Rubber Tube for Air Shaft
Rubber Tube for Air Shafts

Rubber Tube for Air Shaft for All Types Air Expanding Shaft.

Main Features

We Have Round Tube and PU flat Tube

Technical Data

Round Tube Size 20×30,22×32,25×35,28×38,30×40,40×50,50×60,90×100,100×110
Flat Tube Size 10 MM,15 MM,19 MM,22 MM & 24 MM

Most Trusted Manufacturer of Rubber Tube for Air Shaft

Sturdy and reliable air shaft rubber tube is essential for a machine to perform adequately. Our company manufactures supreme quality rubber tube for air shaft that meets your needs and requirements. With our exclusive materials and advanced technologies, we are able to provide superior water-tightness and high performance for industrial air machines. Our tubing has been tested for endurance, so you can rest assured that it’s durable enough to meet your demands even in the longest running operations. Get the best rubber tubing from our company now and experience smooth running machinery – guaranteed!

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