Lug Type Air Shaft

Lug Type Air Shaft used in unwinding & Rewinding Application and specially design for light and heavy duty application.

We Provide Air shaft as per customer requirement.

We are also manufacturers Multi-tube type air Shaft Leaf type air shaft and differential shaft, we serve best quality and after sales and service support.

Main Features

Lug type air shaft used for single core and light and heavy application without run out and easy to use.
Lug Type Air Shaft

Technical Data

Material Steel and Aluminum
Shaft Size 2”,3”,4”,6” & as per customer requirement
Lugs Material Aluminum & Rubber
Shaft End Material EN-8,EN-9,EN-24
Shaft End Design Square and Round
Shaft Body Finish Hard chrome Plating Finish & Anodized

Lug Type Air Expanding Shaft Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Our lug type air expanding shaft is one of the most efficient tools currently available for web handling operations. The compact, lightweight design enables high production speeds without compromising accuracy or quality. Together with an optimized electric control unit and easy maintenance, this product truly stands out in the industry. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications including printing presses, textile machines, automated industrial plants and packaging machinery. With such a wide range of uses, it is no surprise that our air expanding shaft has already become an invaluable asset to many customers worldwide.

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