Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller

Rubber Roller used for different industries and Different Application for Guide Roller, Nip Roller, and Conveyor roller

We Provide Rubber roller as per customer requirement.


  • Flexible Packaging & Printing
  • Paper
  • Textile & Technical Textile
  • Tire
  • Tissue
  • Plywood
  • Metal

Main Features

Rubber Roller used For Guide Roller, Nip Roller, and Conveyor roller.

Technical Data

Rubber Material Synthetic Nitrile,EPDM,Neoprine,PU,Silicon&Hyplone
Roller Length 300 MM To 6000 MM
Roll DIA 50 To 500 MM & as per customer requirement
Shaft End Material EN-8,EN-9,EN-24

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