Metal Expander Bow Roller

Metal Expander Bow Roller used for Wrinkle Removing Application

Metal Expander Bow Roller Used for Paper Industries

We Provide Bow Expander roller as per customer requirement.


  • Paper

Main Features

Rubber Bow Expander Roller used for Wrinkle Removing Application for Paper.
Metal Expander Bow Roller

Technical Data

 Material M.S. AND S.S.
Roller DIA 75MM,100MM,150MM,300MM& as per customer requirement
Shaft Material M.S. & S.S.304 & S.S.316
Bow Adjust Gear Box and Pedestal With 360®
SHAFT Chrome Plating And Buffing Process.

Metal Expander Rollers are Used to Expand and Flatten the Metal

Metal expander is a kind of roller. It’s used to quickly expand metal, such as steel or aluminum. Metal Expanders are used in sheet metal forming and sheet metal pressing. They work well with metals that have not been overheated or otherwise tempered and are available in two different types: standard and high speed devices. The Metal Expander Roller is a machine used for expanding of the metal. The main advantage of this machine is that it can expand small and medium sized pieces of metal and rolls them automatically with its rollers, so it can achieve large expansion volumes.

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